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    Termite Pest Control Bangalore

    You might have ever noticed any mud line on the exterior or interior wall Or heard any hollow sound after tapping on any wooden structure. If yes, then your place is attracted by the termites. These are the most dangerous threat to any construction for both wooden and concrete. 

    Termite is a tiny insect that causes huge damage. These insects are just impossible to notice until the symptoms of infestation are getting visible. In Bangalore, professional service can be helpful to control and prevent the buildings from termite infection. Let’s see details of the termite control service and its recommendations.

    Why Termite Control Service?

    Termites are the most damage-causing insects for every building and wooden furniture. Termites cannot be controlled like other insects with some home remedies. Most termites can go in the next deep Inside the soil as well as a wooden structure. These tiny demons go very deep inside and cannot be visible from the top at the first time of infection

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    Termite Treatment in Bangalore

    That is why termite control is highly needed to treat the entire building that may be a house or any office along with the soil as well as wooden frames. Without professional control treatment and application of proper chemicals, termite infection cannot be controlled. Professional pest control exterminators can do these jobs with 100% accuracy.

    Termite Pest Control Bangalore Includes

    Termite control service is different from the control of other harmful pests. As termite control professionals in Bangalore, we follow two kinds of treatment which is depending on the type of the area and level of infection.

    Pre-Construction Terminal Treatment: This treatment is done before the construction of any building to get rid of the subterranean termites. In this treatment procedure pest control professionals treat the soil properly where the building will be established.

    They treat the entire area and remove all possible susceptible things to termites. Professionals also use radar sensors to detect infections from the root level. Professionals use chemicals to treat the newly built wall and wooden frames. So it can prevent further infection in the future. 

    Pre-construction treatment is highly recommended as it reduced the overall cost of termite treatment in an already established building.


    Post-Contraction Termite Treatment: This treatment is for termite infection in an old building. In that cases, termite treatment was not done during the time of construction. To treat the term infection in already constructed buildings exterminators drill the walls to make small holes. After that, they spray chemicals from the drilled holes so each can be absorbed by the wall. 

    Expert professionals also treat the soil of constructed buildings to prevent the subterranean termite population. During the treatment of post-construction, termite treatment exterminators can advise removing the most damaged wooden frames to make the treatment most accurate. 

    The cost prices are higher for post-construction termite treatment than the pre-construction termite treatment. So we do not advise choosing pre-construction terminal treatment to prevent the damages at the first level.

    Damage Caused by Termites

    Termites may look tiny and mostly invisible but the damages done by them are beyond imagination. It is not easy to catch the termite infection and the damages in the first place until the common signs of termite infection become visible. 

    Termites cause damage mostly to the wooden structure and the concrete wall also. Termite damages can be identified from common signs. If these signs can be caught in the first place and the treatment is done by the professional right after the signs are visible then it is possible to stop the termites from further damage. 

    1. Mud tubes on the wall at the sign of the shelter of subterranean termites. Termites made these kinds of holes with mud, dirt, and debris to travel from one place to another as well as to collect the food without being seen. By using this passage termites can enter the wooden structure as well as the interior wall.
    2. The sign of fast-level infection is the presence of flying termites. They will discarded wings and will seek any damaged part of the wall or wooden structure to get entry inside of it for further infection.
    3. Hollow-sounding timber is another sign of termite infection. As termites consume wood from the inside and leave the inside area hollow. When anyone knocks or taps on the area it will sound hollow due to the missing part of the timber.
    4. Termites use mud to protect the dear nest from heat and moisture.

    So if you found any of the above-mentioned signs immediately call the termite control service in Bangalore to eliminate the inter colony of this devastating insect. 

    Why Choose Our Experts in Termite Treatment in Bangalore?

    So we offer the best termite treatment in Bangalore. Give us a chance to solve the termite infestation in your residence or office we can assure 100% accurate service with customer safety. 

    1. The expert from our control service will examine the infested area with 100% attention to identify the level of infestation and the particular area that need treatment immediately.
    2. Experts are highly skilled and certified in pest control service so they can find the infected area more quickly than the customer.
    3. The experts of our service provide highly professional treatment in both pre-construction as well as post-construction buildings.
    4. We always ensure eco-friendly as well as harmless termite control procedures.
    5. Professionals will keep the termite control chemicals properly win in a container to avoid any kind of accidents.
    6. Our professionals always advise you to keep away your children and pets from the treated area during treatment as well as after the treatment.
    7. We offer termite control treatment that has less odor than other insecticides available on the market.
    8. We offer budget-friendly service packages for both post-construction and preconstruction types of treatment.
    9. Cleaning the entire area after the treatment is our responsibility, not the customers’. 
    10. After the treatment, our professional will provides some handy tips so customers can keep away from there for a long time. 

    What Is Recommended in Termite Treatment in Bangalore? 

    To keep safe the residential building and official buildings in Bangalore it is important to give attention to the preconstruction termite treatment. Post-construction treatment is also can remove the termite infestation from the root level but it is a little complicated. To get 100% successful results from both pre-construction and post-construction termite treatment in Bangalore need some recommendations. Let’s see those: 

    1. Termites can attack any building or wooden structures at any time. That is why it is important to inspect the trace of termites every season.
    2. During the inspection always use a flashlight or torch light to notice minor changes in your wooden frames and the wall. The smallest sign of termite infection can be seen if noticed carefully.
    3. Termite hides inside the wooden frames and walls to avoid light, so maintain proper ventilation to keep the termite away.
    4. Do not forget to seal any holes in the wall and wooden frames if noticed.
    5. Apply termite control chemicals on walls and wooden structures before applying the colors.
    6. Considered the professional termite control service as the best solution to get rid of termite infestation.
    7. Do not keep any dead wooden parts near your house or office area. Dead wooden parts are highly susceptible to terminating the population.
    8. After the termite treatment keep the distance from the treated area for at least 3 to 4 hours.
    9. The service professionals must ensure the customer’s safety from the pesticides which are used for treating the termites. 
    10. Every corner of the place and wooden structures should be monitored at monthly intervals to identify the sign of termite infestation.
    11. Pest control professionals should use chemicals to control termite infestation according to the guidance given by the Government.
    12. It is necessary to monitor the previously infected areas after the treatment to ensure that termites will not colonize over there again.

    Termites destroy any wooden structure or wall of the building silently and the degree of infection cannot be assumed from the top view. Only professionals can detect the degree of termite infestation and the most affected areas. Without professionals, termite control or prevention from termites is not possible. So please consider termite control before the construction to save money as well as time.


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